Life For Me Is Now Pain Free!

Hey gang, I’m excited about my new blog and writing my daily testimonies of how I’m becoming more healthier and a better person. In my nearly 48 years I have never had such an awesome time enjoying life and feeling younger than I really am. I had suffered so long with chronic back, shoulder, hip, knee and elbow pains for nearly 12 years and a serious sinus condition. but since changing my diets, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water with exercise I am finally on the right path. But that wasn’t the true turn around for my health; it happened when I was introduce to Juice Plus by my friend who’s a nutritionist who had to nearly shove the nutrients pill down my throat! You see Juice Plus I learned is a whole food based nutrition with 25 fruits, vegetables and grains all in one capsule.Yet before I knew all of this I had taken every major vitamin/supplement and found yet none of them to work so I assumed it was all the same. Until i began to take Juice Plus and see the results of my back, knee joints stop hurting therefore I didn’t take pain killers daily as I once did. My sinus issues gradually went away after get this….18 years people no joke. The crazy thing is I’m entering my second year taking Juice Plus and it is working constantly by putting the necessary nutritions back into my blood streams that is boosting my entire immune system and my joint pain and sinus problems. There is so much more to my story and yet I will stop here. If your really serious about your health or a friend or a love one I urge you to do like I did and see for yourself and listen to what doctors or saying from all over the world by visiting check out the video’s and you be your own judge…….”HAPPY HEALING!


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