Many people such as I once was never take the time to really learn the significance of eating healthy and getting enough nutrition in their body that prevents chronic diseases as well as minor aches and pains due to inflammation or swelling because of lack of proper dieting, too much salt intake or all of the above. I have to admit it I was just that person nearly 18 months ago. I finally woke up about my health and decided to do something about it and do it now! First thing I did is make a conscious decision to change the way I think and then the way I eat and drink. Soon I began to develop a spiritual type of mindset that connected me back to who we are as visitors of this planet. We were never designed in these borrowed bodies to eat processed foods or artificially products that or genetically and chemically made. It is death to our minds as well as our bodies fore we are spiritual beings made out of the earth and the elements in it. Therefore it is an injustice to us when we began to participate in destructive lifestyle by engaging in man’s plan to demonize, control and dominate our minds, body and spirit by what we perceive to be nutrition. My mission is to un-tune my mind and flesh to crave the things I learn to eat for most of my life. it won’t be easy because the trick of the mind can be deceptive but I intend on beating the carnal ways of doing things and began to elevate to another dimension on this earth. We are incredible people and it’s ok if in life we become misguided or misinformed. The object is to regain consciousness and began a “Christ Conscious” way of illumination that defeats the flesh and the carnal mind. This is my pledge to myself and my spirit.


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