Eating My Way To Spiritual Bliss!!!!!!!

Yesterday I read an article that “junk foods” such as french fries and burgers can be good for you? Many nutritionist seem to be writing articles for various magazines and publications I believe to get people to buy into eating certain foods for their cause or even their advertisements. Never be duped by all the different writings and dietitians co-signing on false information my beloveds. Eating the right foods still is the right way to go although we are a society to promote mass production of all types of feel good foods that are artificially manufactured. The choice is yours to make either to take the short cut or do whats best for your health and your future. I for years was blind to eating foods that were supposed to be good for you and yet they were not. YOU CAN’T JUDGE A PRODUCT BY THEIR KEY WORDS…. meaning whole wheat, fat free, or glutten free; “you have to look deep before you eat” and read the ingredients in the foods and not what the front of the item may read in highlight or bold print. Even when your choosing the right supplements to take one must be mindful of the “vitamins” that have no natural preservatives or nutrients in them. They are merely less than 5% real fruits or vegetables. Right now the only true and proven pill or powder nutrient on the market is Juice Plus, it is a whole food based nutrition that has 25 fruits, vegetables berries and grains all in one capsule. Nothing as we know thus far gives you total completeness of eating healthy and feeling healthier with garuanteed results. This remarkable nutrient is what helped get me back on track in reducing my chronic sinus issues, bleeding gums, pain in my back, knees, legs and joints in a matter of 8 months. Again for over 15 years I suffered major pains and sickness as well as multitudes of hospital visits yearly. I have become more happier, and more healthier living in spiritual blissfulness! So my encouraging words for anyone living a life full of blissfulness is to seek knowledge when deciding what to feed yourselves and your family. Do delligent research and then began to eat more healthier and have fun!


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