It’s been a several weeks since I’ve had any fried foods or meats. Lately I’ve been back sliding in my diet and eating things that aren’t in-tuned with my body and spirit. No worries though, it’s just reaction to what the flesh craves and knows; it’s been trained by all those commercial ads, and the foods you smell from your favorite BBQ joint or fast food joint as your driving down the road. It lures you into driving up the these places and eating your way to a shorter life span…. We are projected to live to be over 100 plus years old. But do to our polluted air, bad water supplies, stressful conditions with finance, jobs, housing and bad foods; it has taken nearly 30 plus years out of God’s plan for us to live in joy, happiness, peace blissfulness and all in Love of One another…. This is genocide people in a slow methodical way…..But good news! we have the power to control our own destiny and life by how we take care of our body and our minds. Just because man offers death we don’t have to receive it? We speak life and we regroup and began to live in spiritual freedom by our new minds and new beginnings! It’s incredible, and all awhile the world is still doing the same old same old, we are being transformed by spiritual revelation. So we eat less of the foods we’re told to eat and eat more of foods that we were told to it “In The Beginning” (Genesis 1:29). So now I enjoy fish and no not fried fish but broiled or grilled fish. So many things you can do with fish by putting a variety of vegetables with it as you steam fish with onions, red bell peppers, green bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes; the sky is the limit. Enjoy this life as much as you can by putting into it what was first mentioned when we were created…. And Happy Eating!


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