On tomorrow’s blog talk radio show we will have nutritionist Brittany Bobo giving her expertise on healthy eating and spiritual living. When I was living a life of gluttony I didn’t care or shall I say wasn’t really concerned that much about what I was eating and putting in my body. I felt like most people a little soda, chips or any snack wouldn’t hurt you if your doing it in moderation right? Well sadly to say I was wrong; and to make matters worse I was eating a lot of fried foods, fast food to be exact. Any chicken joint would do thank you. And water….. I didn’t even dare buy it nor drink it, it was sodas, beer and coffee; don’t they have some water in them? Needless to say this beautiful, spiritual women through God’s connecting us began to transform my mind, body and spirit into a better more conscious eater who cares about what he puts into his body and I tell you people if feels good! Please join me tomorrow, thursday morning at 10:30 am to hear how this remarkable women can also transform you life as well. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/holyspiritz


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