As We all know by now the added saying “you are what you eat” goes a long way. Many of Americans suffer from chronic illness, excessive weight gain, poor nutrition, as well as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and the list goes on and on. Many of these illnesses are simply from the lack of proper nutrition in our bodies. So were do we go from here; I’ll tell you,…. to the gym and to eating whole foods. Yes proper exercise and nutrition can eliminate most of the problems we are battling on a daily basis. It starts with the mind and that is where the battle for poor foods began. So many sophisticated marketing campaigns are designed to wow us into buying before actually knowing. We must be better equipped to start reading the ingredients in our purchases and not just the big label that says, low-fat, reduce fat, gluten free,whole wheat or multigrain to name of few. When we begin to elevate our minds and began to feed it whole foods of real organic fruits, vegetable, berries,grain and nuts that’s when we can start eliminating more than half of our health issues in America. Eating more healthier with lots of water intake can simply increase your chances of adding an additional 3-5 years extra on your average life expectancy; and that’s something to be excited about. Taking supplemental vitamins also is simply not going to cut because many of those vitamins do not contain any real nutrients in them. They are artificially made with chemicals and other ingredients. There are some really good whole food nutrients one could take and I recommend Juice Plus simply because it is created with 25 different fruits, vegetables, berries and grains place in a capsule or chewables for kids to simply take and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. To learn more about better eating as well as Juice Plus you can go to the website below to see for yourself what several clinically,institutional, doctors have said about this wonderful product and how adding it to your already healthy eating produces a better DNA, decrease in chronic illness and so much more. If we are what we eat then we should began eating the fruits of the vines from whence we came. We are all made from the earth in it’s natural form. Therefore it makes no sense to eat something that has been chemically made to merely increase mass production, a longer shelf life and a lucrative payday for corporate industries. Start eating natural foods/ whole foods and never from the can. In the meantime I leave you with a show we’ve just completed to listen to for your conveince and we know you will come away enlighten, encouraged and inspired…Peace, and also


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