For many people trying to juggle work, school, kids, a spouse along with multiple bills is more than enough to deal with in one day! I mean come on! when do you have time to sleep, I didn’t mention recitals, games during and on the weekends, dentist and doctors appointment. Being an adult on any level can be draining, mentally and physically right? So because of the heavy stress in your life and of course the bad eating habits because when does one have time to really cook any meal rather a good meal? Well, we try and put forth a great effort in squeezing in 3-4 workouts per week which is really good and then we began to drink those mineral waters or vitamin water. Well we’ve since learned that these vitamin waters are filled with sugar and vitamin that has very little nutritients in them. We also learned that drinking those energy drinks such as Monster and Red Bull are full of sugar and can attribute to irregular heart beats, along with having effects on ones diabetes or high blood pressure. We also talked about the energy bars that seem to replace meals after workouts….. This too is a no, no when it comes to our health due to one of the first ingredient in those energy bars which is …….S. U. G. A. R.! So where do we turn to if we now know the facts about those dreaded commercials and advertisements that at times are misleading and money motive? Nothing, I mean nothing can take the place of eating whole foods and I mean fruits, vegetables, berries nuts and grains. It is paramount that we began eating more of these products and truly start decreasing our intake in the meat department. Every major claim has told us to eat more fruits and veggies particular; and more of this and only 1/3 of a meal that includes a protein or meat. So what do we do when we’re in the middle of the day and we may need a boost here or there to get us through a 10-15 hour day for most parents, students, or busy individuals? We’ll many doctors, nutritionist and dietician have written articles stating to eat 1-2 ounces of nuts per day to ease cravings as well as reduce heart disease, and it also helps with weight loss, so that’s pretty cool. Also nothing can take the place of drinking plenty of water, since our bodies are 70% water. We can also carry dried fruits, nuts and berries as well and even have greek yogurt with fresh fruits added while in the office for an after lunch snack. As you can see there are so many things we can add to our transformation of eating more healthy and being satisfied…But wait! Now there’s something else we can add to enhance our healthy living…… “Juice Plus” is a whole food nutrition that’s in a capsule. With 25 fruits, vegetables,grains and berries Juice Plus adds to those days whenever your so busy that you don’t have time to eat the recommended 9-17 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, it’s just impossible people even with the time. So many doctors, Professors, clinical studies have been tried and tested concerning Juice Plus that proves one thing….” It Works”! If you are truly serious about your health and want to add greatness to your already success, I sincerely recommend you go to the Youtube and check out Juice Plus yourself and see if it fits in to you and your family lifestyle. Juice Plus also focus on children’s health also so you can fill great about adding Juice Plus to your children’s daily intake. Meanwhile you can check out my blog talk radio show on “You Are What You Eat” at and also check out the Juice Plus videos on Youtube-“Juice Plus” or go to Thank you and Happy Living!


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