Healthy Kids Can Create A Healthier Universe

Recently I was in a supermarket doing some grocery shopping. When I went in I was preoccupied with my purchases and kept right on shopping. The store was filled with mother’s daughter’s father’s as well as students of all ages getting ready for the upcoming semester. It was only after I had made my purchase that I had notice what was in those buggies that were filled with schools supplies. Notebooks, paper, pencils, pens and even a couple of laptop’s and desk top computers. And then there it was sitting on the pile of supplies, were bags and bags of snacks and especially candy! Man I had never realized as parents specifically how much junk food we purchase for our children during an entire school year. So much sugary cereals, snack bars, sodas,flavored water drinks, hot dog, corn dog, potato chips, cheese, dairy ice cream and dozens and dozens of frozen foods to just pop in the microwave and heat and serve. All awhile not one ounce of nutrients for these uninformed and helpless kids in this country. No need to blame any major department store or any advertising commercial because look man; we are the adults who’s in control of what goes into those shopping carts. That’s why in America nearly 30% of our children is obese….30% my people and you ask yourselves why? If you look at any statistics about unhealthy living or obesity American’s lead the nation across the board. We spend the least time in the kitchen preparing dinner (only 3o minutes per day) and the least time at our schools with outdoor activities (no P.E.). We spend the most time enjoying social media or playing video games which demands snack foods for continuous play, so it’s no secret our kids are the laziest and the ones who concerning education and the rankings are near the bottom. I love these statistics because when you combine them there is no racial bias one could use. The fact that over 70% of households are feeding their children poor foods that have very little nutrients in them is the major culprit when looking into our poor eating. So here’s the solution….by whole foods and less junk foods. Now you may not be the most popular parent on the block but at least you will be the first to start a trend that could last your kids a life time. When kids eat healthy the feel good about themselves and their brain cells can function 10 times better because your feeding them “brain food”. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, grains, fresh juice from a juicer; this could be the most fun you and your kids will have on say a saturday or sunday afternoon or evening preparing the meals for the week. Imagine making several juicers for the brain, the body for energy and kids knowing what these types of fruits and vegetables will do for them in the long run. Kid are like CNN they repeat the same things to each one of their friends; before you know it no friend is going to want to be left out from juicing or creating whole food meals with kale, spinach, almonds, raisins, berries and so forth. Can you imagine when it catches on with the athletic department and you have these young men and women not only wanting to eat these proper nutrients but growing them as well…Think about it, we are truly what we eat but we have to first start feeding our children the things which will impact their futures and their children children’s future as well. Healthy kids can create a healthier universe but it first has to start in the minds, the home and the spirit of all those who seek a better life for a greater future.


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