Is Your City Next?/Detroit's Bankruptcy Nightmare....

There have been several protest in the city of Detroit in the past several years, that stem from lack of jobs or job training, the high unemployment rate for the latino’s and African American’s in the city, the delapitated buildings throughout the city as well as abandon houses block by block due to the housing debacle and these are just a few of the issues that plagues this once thriving city. Even Jesse Jackson has made several marches and speeches throughout the city on the steps of the court house as well as surrounding churches. And still no word from Washington? The problem I feel most Americans are having is when in hell will somebody be held accountable! I mean you have city officials all over committed ungodly acts using tax payers dollars and nobody goes to jail. No restitution of any kind, yet when a person gets arrested for driving without a license or insurance you can be sure he/she will be jailed, or put on probation and ordered to pay restitution…..When did being an elected official get you off from being treated like any other law biding citizen? Tune in tomorrow at 3:30pm on The Holy Spiritz Blog Talk Radio Show and here how we are doing our part to wake up the rest of America and began to raise up a “Nehemiah” in our communities to send to Washington on our behalf. No more politics as usual, we are taking this nation back one vote (united), one world and one God.


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