Eating Fruits and Vegetables Before Childbirth Is The Greatest Gift For That Child

I just read an article by the Cleveland Clinical Studies by a doctor who says when the mother eats plenty of fruits and vegetables while pregnant there is a good chance that the child will like eating fruits and vegetables as well. Dr. Fredrick Royce found this study after several women were tested for this research. It stated that babies are surrounded by the amniotic fluids forming memories of the flavors even before birth. the result is a preference for these types of foods that will last a lifetime. The findings went on to say that when a child is exposed early on still while in the mother’s womb; eating whole foods will in most cases give the child complete exposure of fresh fruits,vegetable, berries and grain. What so alarming was that in most countries many mother’s invest more time in eating proper nutritions for their unborn child. while in the U.S. we have accepted the notions of women wanting pickles, rocky road ice cream and peanut butter jelly along with process foods such as fast food hamburgers and chicken nuggets for a few example. The fact that in this country, we market foods that are filled with GMO”s, lots of artificial flavoring as well as excessive dairy,fat and sugar is one reason why our children don’t stand a chance even before they enter this world of gluttony. So I declare to my beautiful and god-like mother’s of America, we’re not saying you can’t have any foods that your craving, but what we are saying is give that precious unborn child a fighting chance by adding whole foods to your every nutritional meal each day… And have a happy birth!(:


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