Food Can Enlighten The Spirit!

One of my great life experience has been meeting this great woman of God. Ms. Shelley Chapman is the founder and CEO of her company called Eat-Related-Love that specializes in food, body, mind and spirit. Meeting Shelley has given new meaning to finding what’s inside of us that keeps us repeating the same cycles of life. Many of us have had a checker past that no matter what hand life has dealt you, still you have not found completeness and happiness. It is a daunting thing to find what makes us happy and for many of us when we are unable to find happiness inside of us then we find other material things to sustain us. So for some we turn to food and lots of it! Every kind of food you can imagine and mainly the foods that are not good for us. For woman at times this could mean eating lots of chocolate, eating ice cream, eating lots of candy or sweet snacks, the list is endless. But what Shelley has found is that there is something deeper than just those brownies or Oreo cookies that your having issues with; and by now your reckless eating has also added several unwanted pounds on top of everything else. Ms. Chapman’s extensive research and studies has uncovered the real reason why so many of us particularly women have been stuck in a maze of losing the weight to only put on twice as much weight as you first lost. This is because so many people are trying to find what’s missing in their inner spirit by using food as a substitution of fulfillment of some form. If your tired of spinning in circles I invite you to take a close look at this lady right here whom I’ve grown to admire her tireless work to be a “life changer” for those who seek spiritual awakening and infinite blissfulness! There’s nothing wrong with that brownie your eating, yet you should know exactly why you are seeking satisfaction in something that will last for only a few moments? Look deeply into your soul and there you will find “The Heffa” that continues to make you feel less than what you are. You deserve to release that “Heffa” and began to take complete control of your health, mind and spirit. Happy Eating….


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