Eating To Live!

I never knew that eating the right things equates to living a more healthier and productive lifestyle.  to take even further eating whole foods also helps your brain to think better, clearer and see the world as it really is; full of infinite possibilities.  Yet our world from small window looking out is filled with gimmicks of taste,indulgence and sexual pleasures and I’m still talking about food.  It is marketed as if it is the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel and rightfully so. But it’s when it is use to exploit the foods that are unhealthy and full of sugary substance that alters ones taste buds and you no longer crave or thirst for the healing foods but the hurtful foods that add extra weight and stress on to your temple.  It slows down your thought process and all you can think about is sex in food and usually in that order.  When you lack sex you crave food, when you lack food then you still use artificial foods to compliment your lack.  Here’s a show that recently tackled you are what you eat and hopefully it will give you some insight on what is of good for the body and what is just a figment of your imagination…..

                                                                                   Peace, Bliss



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