Why Growing Your own Foods Can And Will Save You

Today as I was watching American news (CNN) and I couldn’t notice the latest recall on beef, some 50 thousands pounds of it has E-coli and yet it was not even mentioned on major news yet simply flashed across some minor news that they were reporting. We still have a recall on lettuce that has the same bacterial defect and we don’t even know which brand it came from. Too many times we have seen in the media about bad foods or E-coli in foods and in part it is accidental but yet still we have the power to control what we are feeding our loved ones. Just last year there was a scare with eggs, spinach and chickens so each year there is more and more cautions when buying foods in your local markets. But there is a movement among people across the country to first eat less meat products and begin eating more fruits and vegetables….. now that’s pretty darn good. Growing your own fruits and vegetables can be so easy and so so affordable when you really begin to research all the benefits of having your own garden.. Even for the people living in major cities you too can enjoy gardening just outside your balcony which will give you so much satisfaction of coming home from and hard days work to see that your tomato’s or you spinach and herbs are ready for dinner. It’s like having a market at your disposal, truly awesome people! I have committed to investing in a product that’s called a “Tower Garden” and man O’ man you ought to see my fruits and veggies grow in a matter of weeks! I just love coming home from a hard days work and pour myself a glass of wine and then I remember to go outside and take a look at my tower and whamo! I have an elaborate array of fruits and vegetables to chose from. It really picks you up instantly knowing that the care and work you put into growing those foods has finally paid off in full. Not only that it makes you more aware of those bad foods that you were eating prior to your new life changing experience. No more fast foods or meats injected with hormones, now you can make your own hummas, vegetable lasagna,fruit salad, vegetarian dishes and so forth the sky is the limit and you will want to have your friends and family over to enjoy this wonderful abundance of foods that you have prepared. So really, can we keep sitting back waiting to be told what not to eat or will we take the bull by the horns and began to create our own life of healthy eating and healthy living……


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