You....Are The Main Ingredient! (to a healthier you}

I love this sister Ms.shelley Chapman, she has created a blueprint for women of all ages,race, creed, ethnicity or color to be able to tap into their spiritual mindset and began a process of love,oneness,,peace, happiness and blissfulness and to me that’s what life is all about. Many times we seek happiness in others or in relationships only to find that it was only temporal. Some find happiness in foods such as ice cream or brownies and again that comes with baggage, (no pun intended). Yet what Shelley has been able to do is to get women to admit to what is really causing their dysfunctions and begin a healing process that identifies, accepts which creates a thought of feeling worthy, feeling of self-love and a knowing of who I am and what inspires me and my soul. These are just some of the things I’ve witness from being apart of Shelley’s classes as well as seminars. She is Spellman groomed and Harvard trained and I hope you enjoy this funny, intelligent,bright,spiritual beautiful and success woman as she opens up to that “inner heffa” that every woman has in them from time to time…..

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