Quick and Easy Healthy Foods For To Prepare For Kids After School

Ok I was in Walmart just yesterday and I couldn’t help but noticed all the candy and sodas that they had on display because as we all know it’s back to school. Yet I was amazed and sadden that here in America our kids are the most unhealthiest of any nation; we are numero uno when it comes to kids being obese and yet here is Walmart the super giant playing on these kid emotions with all those sweets and colorful waters and chips to go along with everything else. Yeah, that’s just what my kid needs to go along with doing his/her Calculus homework is a bag of chips, 3 musketeer and an orange soda to wash it all down! So many of these kids never even go outside to even exercise unless it’s running for the bus or running to the car and the parents usually aren’t home to monitor their after school meals so out of guilt they allow the kids to fin for themselves and get the usual hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, hot pockets of some sort. Either way it’s process foods which is not only hard to digest but it’s not brain food. It’s food that makes them tired and sleepy and quite lazy to be hones with you. There are several things parents can try to do on the weekends to get the kids at least slightly interested in eating better foods and whole foods especially. You should try making creative meals when you have time with the kids that involves them as well. like hummas or tuna caserole or even a veggie tray with blue cheese and ranch dressings on them; it;s a slow process but eventually when you begin to decrease those fatty foods and show them the statistics on obesity verses other countries they will begin to see the message and the truths behind it; information is so vital and it moves people to change. Try nuts and sun dried fruits for snacks as well. My kids love mangos,peaches and watermelon as well as blueberries, these are cool to have around and within no time their eating portions will diminish as well. Boys can be more difficult especially if their into sports yet beans and potato’s also helps with the process as well. The point is to minimize so much junk food intake and more of health foods that will fuel the brain and give more energy and more brain power for better learning and concentration. Give them the facts about the sodas and the sugars and how it lessens their motor skills people. I used to love those foods as well and I’m not saying cut everything out today, no….but what I am saying is if we want our children to have lesser opportunity of getting sick or having colds or the flu, then eating a proper nutritious meal and a healthy snack is a fresh start. The body needs nutrition to help fight off sickness of any kind and when you fill it with sweets, sodas, and chezzy foods which are all genetically modified then it’s our fault and failure as parents when these kids can’t concentrate in classrooms rather at the age of 3- or 13 it is our responsibility to feed them the foods of the earth and not of a modified or process… and this is my food for thought moment,



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