The Blessings of Juice Plus

Wow what a night it was on thursday as I was invited to a juice Plus conference in Atlanta. I’ve been taking Juice plus for about 2 years now and I have felt and seen the results from eating better and more whole foods, as well as drinking plenty of water. I’ve reduce eating as much meats down to only fish and I exercise 4 times per day. With all that being said my entire body feels revived and energized as if I’ve lost 15 years off of my 45 year old body and that to me is super! Yet the thing is that with my busy schedule I’m not always able to eat the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables each day. Juice Plus is my “X-factor” because it bridges that gap between the days I’m unable to have a full fledged meal. By Juice Plus being a whole food base in powdered form that has the 26 ingredients of fruits,grains, berries and vegetables right in the capsule. What’s so cool about Juice Plus is it doesn’t cheat the system as most supplemental vitamins do when they only add portions of that nutrient inside of those pills. To me Juice Plus is a blessing because it has been tested and proven to be one of the most tested and approved capsule that’s on the market with 20 years behind it. Juice Plus says what it means and that my people is the greatest gift of all. My skin, my gums, my sinus issues as well as many other ailing problems I had back in the latter half of 2011 are merely a memory and I owe that to my constant care of what I put inside of God’s temple and how my mind has been renewed by so many positive results from taking the first step in choosing a life style that includes Juice Plus…..


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