Let The Sun Shine In-

In many parts of the country people worship the sun as a god. In a way they are correct for God gave us the sun and anything of god is made perfect. the sun has so much light and energy till if we stare at it in the wrong way it could nearly blind you. Yet for many cultures Egypt for example “sun gazing” was for strength and many of their pharroah’s sun gazed for many centuries. It gives incredible energy throughout the body and breathes life into the spirit. Many people who sun gazed have very little appetites and they are free from any illness or diseases. Sun gazers even lived longer and were more productive for the sun creates and spiritual awakening that gives knowledge and power to those who seek a higher learning or higher dimension. Many people who had cancer cells or forms of cancer soon became cancer free! Many people with chronic illness became free from all illness. When you sun gaze the universe tells you how to eat, how to meditate what to read, learn and teach. Yes for many people sun gazing is keeping your head to the sky and allowing God to speak to your spirit. It is a form of cleansing which I’m learning today and I feel like an energize spirit, no longer feeling like the flesh or human yet of the same spirit that God placed in me before my creation. Love the sun and speak to it, find a place near or in a park and spend some time listening for the sound of the Holy Spirit teaching you and guiding you into higher and higher dimensions…….


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