If We Lived As Spiritual Beings, We Would Never Grow up To Eat Like Pigs!

Today’s show was so alarming to know that most of the heart disease, and cancer related illnesses could be avoided simply bye exercising and eating whole foods. Knowing the types of fruits and vegetables that can prevent heart disease, cancer as early as in the mothers womb could save millions upon millions of lives and yet we want what we want at any cost. It’s ashame that most people take better care of their cars than their own bodies, and even their homes or hobbies and yet we will fill our spiritual temples with tons of GMO”s, sugars, carbs, salts and fatty food to say the least. Only to have our loved ones at our bedsides when we take our last breathe….. You were made to eat the seeded plant and not the beefy meats and that’s only a portion to why America is the sickest nation of them all along with cigarettes. Become the spiritual being that God made you and began to die in order for you to live. Let go of those processed and pesticides fruits and vegetables that you think is healthy and research your foods and your beverages. It’s not a better health care plan we need it’s a better spirit we need in order to make the right decisions when it comes to what we eat, drink, smoke and how we think. When we control that then we control our own health and our own destiny….


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