America Needs To Take Car Of Home...FIRST!

While congress and President Obama sit and try to find out what’s the best solution for the people of Syria, still American Corporations are plotting to began raping the people of this country within the next 6 months from joy layoffs, SNAP benefits being all but depleted, a series of budget cuts in the public school sector that will began a wave of schools across this great nation to close in the teens and hundreds do to lack of funding. This government is reeling to put this country so far under that it will take another 30 plus years to even see the light of day; and why, because everyone is so focused on what our government might do in Syria….. Every President has used some kind of war to distract the American people from corporate calamities, in other words they don’t want you to see the sucker punch when it hits you, just like it did in 2008 with Wall Street and those criminalized banks. We’ve got to focus on what’s at hand and if we can’t help ourselves then how in the world can we help a country that has it’s own demons to fight? Stay focused America, and remember to bob and weave……..


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