My Pledge to The Most High God

Love is the only thing that matters while here in the universe..Everything else is just an experience of which we have and then return from whence we came. I’m committed to loving as many people on the planet as I can possibly come in contact with. No longer being the judge and jury of anyones fallacies or negative spirits. I will elevate, and illuminate All of God’s people and walk out each step that is order from The Creator…


5 thoughts on “My Pledge to The Most High God

    1. jpgharden Post author

      I cannot agree with you more, Yet if we had that kinda love that does not deny,delay and destroy our children that child never miss a meal nor any other need that he/she may need. but we continue as saints to touch and impact each and every person we may come in contact with. We cannot save the world but still we can make a difference starting today…


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