The Health and Welfare Of Our Children's Future

Families and time spent with families are becoming more and more extinct. So many families now are so busy that they don’t even have time to spend with one another which create a healthier and more stable unit. So there are 3 things a family can do in order to regain their strength, love, unity in order to have a much healthier, happier and greater bond.
1. Sit down and have a meal together
2. Turn off all electronic devices while having this meal together
3. Do an outdoor activity together (wether it be a sporting activity, walking a trail or even volunteering and your local food bank or shelter).

Many of our kids today have major issues with personal interactions, in other words they have very little to no social skills. Lets save our children from the social media seclusions of just meeting people on line and never dealing with a person one on one. If we’re going to be able to lead our children into the next generation, then its starts with our leadership in this season.


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